Amidst global anti-racist uprising and unrest, the @blackatunis Instagram account was launched as a safe space to submit anonymous anecdotes and engage in discourse about the Black experience at the United Nations International School. The account immediately received over 200 submissions, pulling back the veil of multiculturalism and revealing a vast history of systemic racism, a lack of accountability, and a grave need for change. Within five days of launch, the account evolved into a coalition of 100+ current and former UNIS students spanning three decades of classes, mobilizing to ignite change at their revered institution.

Thus, the Future Council was founded. Pushing forth an agenda of intersectionality, we envision it as the unauthorized seventh principal organ of the United Nations, comprised of the wounded constituents of its International School. For too long, Black, POC, women, and LGBTQ+ students have suffered behind a veil of multiculturalism. We seek to ignite change within UNIS, support current and future students, and transform the school into the foremost leader in intersectional education and community. Black at UNIS is our first task force.

Watch this space: We hope to work with the UNIS administration as well as the UN to bring about the change we envision. Updates to come.